Checking In

Today, like all Wednesday mornings, I taught the 5:30 am Olympic class and the 6:30 am CrossFit class. I’m always amazed by the number of people who can wake up an put heavy weight over their heads. Hard workers, for sure. After class, I mopped up the chalk handprints (totally my favorite pastime) and swapped the memory card in the camera. I LOVE pulling up pictures from the last week to see what’s been going on. Check it out!

Last Thursday’s 15 Minute AMRAP was a doozy. So many situps! Saw some very impressive form and some great scores. Look at this awesome position! Knees back, shoulders over the bar, and engaged core. Nicely done!

What the what?!?! What an AWESOME L-Sit hold! Extra points for the toes being pointed. Looks like the gymnastics class is putting in some serious work!


Just a little chipper for the Saturday workout. Deceiving, right? Kudos to everyone for grinding that one out.

The Sunday Endurance crew looking strong!

Love this CF Middle Tennessee workout!

Tuesday was one of my favorite WODs. It definitely looks innocent. Just a little running and a few air squats. All well and good until you try to run after those 50 air squats! The 3 minutes of hollow rocks was the perfect dessert, right?

Great job to everyone this week. Keep up the strong work. Oh yeah!!! I have one more picture I want to post…

IMG_0907 Do I love this shirt? Um… YEAH!!!! And, it just may be a hint at the next nutrition challenge. Stay tuned to find out.

Click here for Thursday’s WOD.

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