Skills Update

I know I’m a day late, but I was just SO excited about the new open gym hours! Here are the new skills:

Monday: Deadlift

Tuesday: Overhead Squat/Snatch Balance

Wednesday: Back Squat

Thursday: Split Jerk

We have seen some AWESOME progress over the past couple of months, and I want to keep that momentum going. These moves will help us increase our overall strength. And overall strength increase means that we can use heavier weights in WODs, which means we will build more muscle and burn more fat, which means we’ll look way better in that bikini/speedo. More importantly, an emphasis on these movements will allow us perform movements more safely and efficiently, minimizing injuries. And aren’t those the two most important goals? Looking awesome in a speedo and feeling great in the process!! Give these skills your all, and you will definitely see the results you want.

Click here for Tuesday’s WOD.

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