Paleo Challenge!!

Yep. You asked for it!! Time for a good, old-fashioned PALEO CHALLENGE!!!! Check out the deets from LT:

  1. I will be available to meet at 2:00 PM on Saturday at the gym to run through the details and start everyone on their measurements. If you can’t make it then, you can come to Sunday Endurance Class or Monday Morning 5:30 -7:30 am and get started then. AND if you can’t make any of those times and are still interested, please let me know and we can work something out!

PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO BEFORE YOU COME (it’s less than 5 minutes long):

  1. When you arrive, please pick up other materials laid out on the table and put your $20 in the prize money envelope and add your name so I know who has paid.  (The prize money is for all who successfully complete the 6-week challenge win a cool prize, and then we always vote for a top male and top female.  Reminder that this is NOT a biggest loser contest- lots of factors go into winning the challenge! )
  2.  We will review the in’s and out’s of Paleo and the expectations for the challenge.
  3.  After that, we’ll weigh, take body measurements, and for those who are willing take the “before” pictures.  Men folk- you’ll just wear gym shorts for your “before” pics, and the ladies will wear a sports bra and gym shorts.
  4.  If there’s any time left, you can start on your performance benchmarks, but you have ONE WEEK after the kick-off meeting and before the official start of the challenge to complete these.  They need to be finished and recorded BYMonday, May 11th.  You can come to open gym, do them on your own, or come before class to knock them out.
  5.  You will have also have next week to get your food lists, groceries, meal plans, snack ideas, etc. in place.
  6.  If you’re planning on having any blood panels done, cholesterol testing, body composition testing, etc. to compare the before and after,  please have that done before you start on May 11th.


(Reminder that AnyLabTestNow in Des Peres next to Trader Joe’s is a good resource in addition to your regular doctor!)

Click here for Saturday’s WOD.

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