Welcome to 2016

I know we’ve actually been in 2016 for a few days, but this is the first MONDAY of the New Year. And just like the New Year, Mondays have a special power all their own. Which gives the first Monday of the New Year super, extra-special powers!!!

Not only is this a time for you to start fresh, it’s time for us, as a gym, to start fresh. And we are taking full advantage!! Lots of changes in store!!

  1. Nutrition Challenge! I know we’ve done nutrition challenges in the past, but this one will be extra special because it will be led by Kristen Roles, our in-house dietician! Kristen will help us build healthy habits that we can sustain. With an actual expert at the helm, we’re sure to see some good results. Take this week to clear out your fridge and cabinets. The challenge starts January 11th.
  2. Weightlifting. As you know, weightlifting is one of my favorite parts of CrossFit. I’ve noticed that several of you feel the same way. We’ve decided to try something new. We’ll keep lifting in the skills for the month, but we will also give you the chance to focus more on lifting. Each Sunday night, I will post 3 days of weightlifting work – about an hour/day – along with the CrossFit WOD. During any open gym or class, you can opt to complete the weightlifting work. This work will be done on your own, but you can send me questions and/or videos for critique. As long as we can do this without disturbing the class, this will be an option.
  3. Gymnastics Focus. The gymnastics movements are at the core of our definition of fitness (check out page 8 of this article). In the past, we would focus on these movements as one of the skills. Last year, we tried pullup/muscle up work twice each week. In my mind, this is still insufficient. So, we’re going to try something new. For the next few weeks, we will take 3 days/week and use the WARMUP to work on our pullups and push ups. This will only take 5-10 minutes, will get us warmed up, and will leave room for a strength or skill. I have seen great results in overall fitness when using the gymnastics movements in the way. Make the focus on form. You’ve heard, “Leave your ego at the door,” but it is even more important now. Do the movements correctly, even if that means scaling when you don’t normally have to.

And this is just the beginning! We plan to bring you lots of awesome stuff in 2016. We want you to be the strongest, healthiest, and happiest you that you can be. Here we go!!!

Click here for Monday’s WOD.

Click here for the week’s weightlifting work.


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