Welcome to 2017!


I love starting a new year. It feels like a chance to start fresh. Yes, I know that we can make positive changes any day of the year. But there is something powerful about January 1st. If you didn’t workout as much as should have in 2016, this is your chance to make 2017 different. If you didn’t sleep enough, or drank too much, or ate too many donuts, now’s the time to turn it around.

I’m not asking you to commit to the whole year. But commit to this week. Commit to go to the gym. Commit to eating (mostly) good food. Commit to getting enough sleep!! Start the year off right.

Have you ever pushed a car? It takes a ton of effort to budge it, but it’s much easier once it’s rolling. Get 2017 rolling.

Click here for this week’s workouts. 

Click here for this week’s barbell work.

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