St. Louis Indoor Rowing Championships

On February 4th, Washington University will host the St. Louis Indoor Rowing Championships. Some of the top rowers will be competing in the traditional 2,000m race. However, all of you crazy CrossFitters have made a big impact on the sport of rowing! Not only are your 2k times nationally competitive, but you’ve also opened the door for 500m sprints and a 4 person relay. I contacted the head of the competition, and he agreed that there seemed to be enough interest to keep the 500m sprint and the relay for the second year in a row. They aren’t on the schedule, yet, but expect them to start around 1:30.

So, if you just LOVE the rower, or if you and 3 friends love the rower, this is your chance to shine. Show them that we CrossFitters can hang!

Check out the FB Page for details.

Also coming up:

The Burden Games – MF competition with Rx and Scaled divisions at Share the Burden CrossFit on January 28th.

SuperWOD Sunday – MM or FF scaled competition at CF St. Louis on January 29th.

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