Row, Row, Row Your Boat

“What should my damper setting be?” It’s a question I hear all the time. Actually, it’s more common to hear me say, “I would lower your damper setting. Rowing on a 10 is going to make the rest of this workout pretty tough.” Personally, I usually row on a 4-6 depending on the duration. If we’re just going for a max 500m row, I may go to 7. If we’re doing an hour long row, I drop to a 3.

Recently, I saw a video that has me questioning everything I know about damper settings. This is a bit long, but definitely worth it if you want to improve your rowing (or just tell me I’ve been wrong all these years).

These guys are devoted to rowing. They know what they are talking about. I concede that they know more about the rower than I do. Still… I can’t help but be skeptical. Like anything else that flies in the face of everything we once knew, I’m going to need a little more information. So, I’m going to use each one of you as my test subjects. Over the coming weeks, we will test various distances at varying damper settings. We’ll track our results and see what worked best for each person. I IMPLORE you to write down your times each week. You can keep a little notebook or download the SugarWOD app. By the end of testing, you should have a much better idea of the best damper setting for you.

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