Do you agree with this picture? If so, we have the challenge for you.


Is there a better way to start off summer than with a push up challenge? Ok, maybe a beer by the pool sounds a little better.  However, push ups are a staple in our community.  It may seem like a basic movement, however, as we get tired, form deteriorates….A LOT!!

KT Legs has set up a 30 day challenge for CFKW for the month of June.  Below is a form explaining the 30 days, a column to document your work, and some great cues on the push up.  Here’s all you need to do to join the challenge:

1. Do a 1 minute max effort of push ups (RX…from plank position).

2. Use the link to print off a copy or pick up one in the gym starting this Thursday morning. Write your max effort number at the top of your sheet.

3. Fill out your sheet each day, documenting what you accomplish.

4. Join us on Saturday, June 30th to test your progress.


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