Well Being




I’m going to start this month of “Well Being Talk” off with a personal testimony.  Some of you know this story, most probably don’t.  From this post forward, I’ll be sharing knowledge I’ve been learning on my journey in hopes that you’ll find something that resonates/helps support your well being.

Yesterday Julie came to my school to talk about well being and the mind and body connection.  She did a similar presentation to the one she did at our gym except she shared her personal story around why well being is near and dear to her heart.  I’m not going to share her story since it’s personal to her,  but let me tell you…it was impactful.  However, I am going to share my personal story on how I was missing a huge piece in my well being. 

Since the 10 years I’ve been at CrossFit Kirkwood, I’ve focused mainly on nutrition and exercise but not on how stress was affecting my body.  With various things going on in my life, I didn’t realize how much stress I was carrying.  I thought that working out was my “release” and I didn’t focus on other aspects of my well being, such as taking care of my emotional health. Two years ago this March, I was hit with an auto immune condition called Rheumatoid Arthritis(I don’t call it a disease because I feel it can be turned around…more on that later).  I was thrown for a loop.  After seeing different rheumatologists, having countless drugs thrown at me, I was at a loss.  I kept asking, “What’s the cause of this, what can I do to make myself healthy besides pills?”  Answers were the same…”Eat a mediterranean diet, get exercise, we don’t know what causes autoimmune diseases.”  WHAT???? GET MORE EXERCISE AND EAT RIGHT??? 

I found myself one day talking with someone who also had autoimmune issues and she recommended Dr. Rathod. I looked her up.  She wasn’t listed at a hospital or an arthritis center, she was at Palm Health, Center for Well Being.  We went for a visit and I was blown away.  I contemplated joining because you have to pay to be a member. So I waited.  I went back to my rheumatologist and waited an hour and a half past my appointment time and when he finally saw me, he didn’t remember anything we talked about at the previous visit.  Oh, and he told me to, “Wear workout gloves because boys don’t like rough hands”….can’t make this up. I was at a loss.  When I got home that same day, I happened to get a call from Palm Health asking if I’d thought anymore about joining.  That was my sign.  Once I joined, Dr. Rathod spend an hour with me at my first appointment getting to know my history as well as my life story.  I couldn’t believe it.  We talked about functional medicine, how stress impacts the body, and how healing the gut is a viable path to reversing autoimmune conditions.  

Point of my narrative…there is more to well being then eating right and exercising.  I’ll be sharing things I’ve learned through Palm Health and also Robb Wolf (one of my favorite authors who also struggled with an autoimmune condition) this month. If you have conditions/issues you’re struggling with, I’d be more than happy to talk to you about Palm Health or things I’m working on in my journey.  It’s the way modern medicine should be.  Thanks for reading.