Meet Drew and Announcement About Endurance Next Week

Meet Drew Shapiro!  He finished up intro classes last week and jumped right into regular classes.  He’s home for the summer from Dayton, Ohio (majoring in accounting and finance).  He’s super nice and a quick learner.  Be sure to introduce yourself when you see him.


Quick announcement about next week’s Tuesday endurance class (only the 5:30/6:30 am)…LT is taking you all to the track.  If you have an injury that prohibits you from running, sign up for the 9 am or 5:45 pm.  Those will be structured a little differently.  However, if you’re able to run, I highly suggest hitting the track class.  Trust me…LT is the running queen!  Sign up on Mind and Body.


Keep spreading the word about our free outdoor class on Friday, June 15 at 5:30 pm.  Remember, we’ll meet at CFKW then walk to Fillmore Park.  Grilling/beers afterwards!!