New Spotlight Is…

           Tom Zimmerman!!!


Check out the “before Crossfit” picture of Tom below!!



Here’s some info about Tom Zimmerman:

I have been at the gym 4 1/2 Years.

Three things all wrapped into a story…

Back in the day… I weighed in at a solid 270, smoked a pack a day and drank a ton of soda (and beer).

I grew up in StL, and met my wife Andrea while I was managing a local bar/restaurant. Andrea’s requirement for dating was to stop smoking ( this was her out, she didn’t think I could really do it, but I did). After we had our daughter Sophia, I decided I wanted to be around awhile, so I went on a diet and lost 70 pounds over 4 months (not smart). My weight yo-yo ed over the next 4 years…when we had our son Trey (Tom the third) I decided I needed to make health and fitness a priority, I did a couple of sprint triathlons but still felt out of shape. One day, while at my daughters volleyball practice Matt Callaway invited me to try Crossfit Kirkwood. I attended a Friday night guys workout (Patrick programmed the workout) and the rest is history.


We are so glad you made the choice to come to CFKW, and thanks to Matt Callaway for helping to make that change.  Super inspiring Tom!!!  We appreciate you!