New Faces/New Look

Be sure to welcome Mike and Drew when you see them.  Mike completed his first regular class today.  Drew is on his second week of regular classes.


Mike loves to bike and his son will be joining us Saturday for Summerfit.  He attended our event last Friday and is super nice!

Drew is home from college for the summer.  He’s majoring in accounting and finance and played hockey in high school.  He’s super motivated and also a great guy.


We have more new faces finishing up intros this week!  Be on the look out for Taylor Mason (working with the youth program at Kirkwood Baptist Church), Matt Finan (his Fathers’ Day gift was intros and a class pass to CFKW), Mary Ellen (super fit and finishing Sunday), Sydney (graduated from Lindbergh high school and finishing intros with Sarah this week), Elizabeth Cook (friend of Maria Wetzel), Mike Thompson ( found us through our website and has kids at Tillman).


It’s great to have new faces and energy!  A big WELCOME to all of you!


You’ll also notice some changes at the gym.  We will all store our belongings in the office from now on.   Blake will be cleaning the black cubbies Sunday (he’ll find that out Sunday morning).  We’ll be adding a few more mats as well.  If you’re wondering who moved the kettlebells, yours truly did (Brooke).  I farmer carried for about 15- 20 minutes.  I’m working on calculating how much weight I moved.  It was either a good workout or just plain stupid!