Up Next Is….Martha!!

Our next member spotlight is…. Martha McArthur!!!

Here’s a little about Martha:

I think I’ve been at the gym since January 2010.

Three things to know about me?  Hmmm.  Since I’m such a chatterbox, I’d guess people know all my junk already!  But if I had to pick three things?

My husband Bob and I have three sons — 19-year old twins and a 15 year old.

Before having kids, I spent 12 years traveling the globe for my job, and I still love travel.  I’ve been to 58 different countries, with India and Australia being my favorites.  

I’ve done a hot tub with Keith Hernandez, been a delegate for Jesse Jackson, spent a day with Nolan Ryan, rolled around in Norman Schwarzkopf’s bed and danced with Jimmy Buffet.  And now I get my kicks hanging in St. Louis.  Life is good.



If you haven’t met Martha, you are missing out.  She’s one of the kindest, funniest, and out going people I’ve met.  She has a true passion for the gym and has helped me a lot since I’ve taken over Neil’s role.  Her next idea for a CFKW event is to somehow create a slip and slide in the grassy area next to the gym.  Let’s see if we can make that happen!