Next Up Is….

Kevin Puntney!!

Here’s a little about Kevin:


I have been at CrossFit Kirkwood since July of 2012.  I started to add to my regular boring workout but have never looked back!

Three things that I hold strong in belief:

 1. Work hard
2. Play even harder
3. Enjoy your life every day

(I feel that with this structure you will always find success)

I have an incredible wife (Molly), you can understand what she has had to put up with…. :), three great kids Matthew 12, Ryan 4 and Jenna Kate 1.  Yes, I can say I started a little late in life, too much of the play hard aspect….had to balance that out.  These four all keep me young at heart.

Oh yeah always remember that I like to keep it simple at 123 for all your home loan needs….Had to say it..  🙂

The picture below is when I popped Rogaine for the week and want to let my hair down that Saturday. Then had to shave it off to start the week…  🙂

Kevin is always upbeat and fun to be around!  Thanks for being such a positive energy at CFKW!!