Next Highlight/Trainer News

Our next member spotlight is….

Sarah Kimmel!!!

Sarah will be joining our trainer team starting in August.  She is going to assist with the kids’ class and open gym to start.  She’ll eventually help out with an evening class as well. Due to Sarah’s passion around clean eating and cooking, she’s also going to help run some of our nutrition challenges.  We’re super excited to have her join our team!!  Here’s a little about Sarah:

3 things to know about me…

I’ve been at CFKW for 3 years, doing Crossfit for 5.  I’m pretty excited to be joining such a wonderful group of trainers at the end of August.  I’m truly grateful for the opportunity!

1. My top three loves (besides CrossFit, of course) are food/cooking, travel, and my Persian cat, Mia. If you’re interested in many, MANY more pictures (and occasionally a recipe or two), check out my Instagram account (@sarahpaleo).

2. I have wicked RBF. I promise, I’m not angry. I like all of you and am happy to see you. My face just refuses to reflect that. Especially early in the morning. 😊

3. I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. I moved to STL in 2009 and to Kirkwood in 2013. My family still lives in KC and it will always be my first home (Go Chiefs!), but the community I’ve found through CrossFit (especially CFKW) has enabled me to also call St. Louis home. 


Sarah will be getting her certification at the end of August!  We appreciate her willingness to take on the trainer role!!