Chris Riley!!

Meet Chris Riley!  

I’ve been going to Crossfit for about 2 years. Prior to starting CF, I ran and went to the gym a couple days a week to coast through a few workouts. Needless to say, there aren’t many opportunities to coast through a CF workout and I love that. 

A couple things about me… 

I have a beautiful wife, Val, and we have 3 children – Quinn (5), Cooper (4), Emmy (1.5) and a dog named Porkchop. 

We love to travel and Val and I are planning to head to Peru this winter to hike Macchu Pichu – we’re also taking the 2 oldest kids to Disney this fall and I’m not sure which trip will be more strenuous. 

Professionally, I own 2 service contract companies; one does re-marketing for auto dealerships across the country. We’ve been in business for 11 years, and the other sells home service contracts and has been open for about 2 years.


Chris is such a fly under the radar guy at the gym…let me tell you, he’s a machine.  He’s such a kind, hard working guy.  Thanks for being part of our community!