CFKW Nutrition/Healthy Habit Seminar and Challenge

Mark your calendars!  Sunday, October 7th from 1-2ish is our seminar around healthy habits and the kick off for our challenge.  Please sign up in MindBody (it’s a free class).

Here’s the scoop:

The seminar will include guest speakers around the mind/body connection and tips for how to keep a healthy body and mind in a stressful world.

Speakers include:

*Julie Geeting, a counselor at Palm Health, will explain the mind/body connection and ways to promote a healthy mind.

*Our very own trainers will talk about nutrition and our mindset around food.  They’ll provide ideas for changing eating habits, workout goals, and resources for adjusting your eating habits (Sarah Kimmel/Sara Fischer/LT).

*Jake Utterback and Katie Pfotenhauer will share additional practices for a healthy body.

*Darci will be sharing some personal testimony on making changes to improve the quality of life.

Instead of focusing on just weight loss and diet (I don’t like the diet word…we want positive changes to last, not be short lived), you’ll have some choice in your goal.  Do you want to cut down/cut out alcohol and track your sleep?  Can you try some of the strategies you hear about around having a healthy mind and see if it helps reduce anxiety? Are you interested in being more thoughtful about your portions and/or water intake? Your goal will be up to you and we’ll provide you with a way to track it. You’ll also have an accountability partner and trainer you’ll check in with.

We’ll raffle some prizes throughout the seminar that relate to our speakers!  Hope to see you there!