Adopted Family Update

Here’s a note from LT about the collection at CFKW for our adopted family:

We were able to raise money and gifts totaling around $2300 and this DOES NOT include car service from Scotty yet…I’m working on those details. (The agency was super excited about the auto repair information:)

A HUGE thank you to the community for their generosity and kindness; so proud to be a part of it. 

Some of the items we are giving them: 

*We paid for one month’s rent and utilities for Sally as well as $400 in grocery and gas gift cards.

*We were able to get winter coats, hats, gloves, socks, underwear and shoes for all 3 boys and Sally.

*We got 1-3 outfits per person including the baby girl, Wren.

*We got the boys (Vincent, Landon, Emerson) legos, a toy truck, a scooter, a small handheld video game, soccer ball, basketball, football. (and a few more pre-wrapped gifts!)

*Everyone got a book and the baby got some diapers and wipes.

*Sally will get a gift as well, a bag, earrings and lotion.

A big THANK YOU to Meghan who will be dropping it all off tomorrow as well as Maria, Sara, Charlotte who helped shop and/or wrap and tag everything (Meghan did this as well)!

What a great reminder of the meaning behind all this madness of shopping during the holidays. I hope it helps Sally and family end the year on a happy note and start 2019 on the right foot.

Thank you CFKW!!!