Next Pillar of Health…Social Connections

Social connections are another important pillar in our well being. They provide us with increased feelings of belonging and purpose, increased levels of happiness, reduced levels of stress, and improved self-worth/confidence.

*Lacking meaningful relationships with others is as harmful as smoking.  Humans evolved in tight knit social groups.

*Interacting with people stimulates certain centers of the brain in a way that make us happy and healthy even if those interactions are not always smooth sailing. Sometimes we have so many obligations that it takes away to attending to our social needs. Online interactions DO NOT provide the same benefit as the real thing.

*So, how do you socialize? The gym? Church? Friends on the weekends?

*Do you carve out time to be social outside of work and family responsibilities?

Trista and I went to yoga one Sunday and had coffee after.  It was so nice catching up, just the two of us.  I truly noticed a difference in my emotional health when I left.  It’s easy for me to go home and hole up on weekends due to my busy weeks.  But I’m making it a goal to connect with at least one person a week that is important in my life.  I challenge you to do the same!

Lastly, we are going to have to put a hold on our Axe House event.  We will have some sort of gathering once the weather gets nicer.  Stay tuned!!