I saw this on Instagram the other day and it made me do some reflecting. I thought about what zone I’m currently in and what zone I’m happiest in.  I found that when I have a goal I’m trying to achieve and when I know what my current purpose is, my mindset is more positive and my productivity is much greater.

Most of you know by now that I’m taking a year off from teaching elementary school in order to get a well being coaching certification (through Anthropedia https://anthropedia.org/ ). This has been in the back of my mind for awhile (since Julie’s talk at the gym).  It’s a scary decision to step away from something I’ve been doing for 17 years.  However I feel my purpose is shifting.  I’m excited, nervous…a whole range of emotions, but I’ve got a passion for this program so I’m going for it 🙂

What zone are you in?  Are you pushing for something in your personal life, are you wanting to work on nutrition, is there something in the gym you’d like to achieve, are you wanting to achieve more balance in your life? I challenge you to think about/set a goal or two this summer and see how you feel when you achieve it.