Fasting Seminar Bullet Points

Intermittent fastin concept - empty plate on blue background

There’s been talk around our community about the benefits of fasting. Therefore Sara and I decided to attend a seminar at Palm Health about the “Essentials of Fasting.”  Here were the take always:

There are different types of fasting but the two most talked about at the seminar were:

*Time Restricted Eating:  Eating within an 8 – 12 hour window.  For example, stop eating at 8:00 pm and don’t have a meal until 12:00 pm the next day (drink plenty of water and you can have black coffee).  So your meals fall between 12pm-8pm.

*Intermittent Fasting: This can be 1-3 days of fasting, 4 or more (considered prolonged), alternate day fasting (Day 1 – 500 calories, Day 2 – regular day, Day 3 – 500 calories, etc).

One of the prolonged fasting regiments discussed was a 6 day plan. Here’s the breakdown:

Day 1: 1100 calories (500 carbs, 500 fats, 25 plant)

Day 2 – 5: 800 calories (400 complex carbs, 400 healthy fats)

Day 6 – Transition day (back to your regular diet)…1100 calories but predominately veggies, rice, quinoa, fruit (minimal protein).

*Note:  This regiment should be done during a low stress week and is easier to do with an accountability partner.  Also, a few important tips to maximize results:  no alcohol and minimal caffeine, light exercise, at least 64 oz of water a day (add pink Himalayan salt to increase electrolytes), get plenty of sleep and plan your meals ahead of time!

For optimal results, this fast should be completed once a month for 3 months then once every 3 months.

So you might be asking yourself, “Why in the he** should I put myself through this?” Here were the benefits discussed:

*Fasting promotes cellular clean up the leads to cellular regeneration (autophagy) and an increase in circulating stem cells.

*It improves longevity.

*Positively impacts weight loss, cholesterol, blood glucose, bone health, body mass.

*Reduces inflammation and various chronic diseases.

If you’re interested in the nitty gritty and want more info, check out the book Longevity Diet by Walter Longo.  His research is fascinating!

Lastly, a few of us are interested in trying the 6 day fast after the holidays.  I’m thinking we’ll have an informal get-together to share ideas and support each other.  More to come!