New Year Reset Seminar…Mind, Body, and Soul


After the holidays, I always feel like I need a mental and physical reset as well as some motivation moving into the winter months.  When I was teaching 5th grade, January and February were always challenging months for me. The weather was dreary, it was dark at 4 pm, I would feel stressed around my workload and sometimes emotionally drained. If you can relate or are interested in making some sort of improvement around wellness, then come join our New Year Reset Seminar.

On Sunday, January 12th (9:00-10:00…right after Endurance), we’ll be holding a New Year Reset Seminar. We’ll discuss ways to calm the mind, rejuvenate the body (this part will include the fasting info. I mentioned earlier in December), and find ways to nurture the soul by feeling connected to others.  Katie and I will share some strategies for calming the mind and nervous system (mind), we’ll discuss the 6 day prolonged fasting regiment that promotes cellular clean up and increases circulating stem cells (body), and we’ll share ideas/have a discussion around connecting more with each other and our world (soul).

Feel free to bring a non CFKW friend that you think my benefit from our seminar. If you’d like to jot down ideas, bring a notebook. It could be a great morning to hit up LT’s endurance class then stay for the seminar. This is a free seminar so sign up on MindBody (if you bring a guest, no need to sign them up).  Hope to see you there!

Note: Here is the book that goes into detail about fasting if you want the nitty gritty.