How Skincare Relates To Well Being

A few weeks ago, I had a mini course for my certification around self care, specifically related to hygiene. I found it very interesting because we discussed how all the products we use to “take care” of ourselves have quite a few toxins in them.  Our skin is the largest organ and its porous surface creates opportunities for toxins to enter the bloodstream and circulate throughout our body.  How many products do you use in a day? Unfortunately, a lot of these products are not regulated and companies claim that the amounts of toxins are so small that they don’t affect us.  But, these toxins do build up over time. Harsh chemicals in our products have wiped away the good bacteria from our skin, therefore we need to restore our skin’s natural biome.

I decided to do research on products that are natural and promote healthy benefits for the skin and body.  I then started a regiment on myself and my son (he’s had issues with breakouts and dermatologists just want to put him on meds).  We’ve been doing our regiments for a month now and I am ecstatic about several things:

  1.  My skin feels so much better!
  2. My son’s skin has significantly improved!

Here are some tips, products, and an article around natural oils. Keep in mind, we all have different skin types, sensitivities, so before smearing things all over your face, try it on a small area to see how your skin reacts. 

My son is 17 and has periodic breakouts, some worse than others. Here is his regiment:

1. Wash with unfiltered, raw honey only once a day. He does this at night, then in the morning, he wipes his face with a warm, wet cloth (Yes you read that right…honey. Honey is a great bacteria regulator. You can find it at Trader Joe’s or Fresh Thyme).

2. Spray with Mother Dirt AO Mist morning and night after cleansing (this probiotic spray regulates the bacteria on the skin…it’s a miracle spray for him). However it is $49 for the bottle, but it beats drugs from the dermatologist. He also started seeing results fairly quickly. Mother Dirt Products

3. Moisturize with 100% pure and natural rosehip oil morning and night (be sure the ingredients say 100% rosehip). Our skin gets oily because it’s not getting the moisture it needs and over produces oil to compensate. Oil helps return it to a balanced state. Rosehip is lightweight and helps minimize scars. You can buy it anywhere from $10-12 a bottle and it lasts forever because you just need a little. I ordered mine on Amazon.

4. Use tea tree essential oil to spot treat larger pimples.  This is another miracle product.  Tea tree oil contains antibacterial properties that destroy the acne-causing bacteria. You can get this at the grocery store, Walgreens/CVS, Amazon.

My skin tends to be dry and I have some dark spots. Here is my new regiment:

Morning: Wipe with warm cloth, spray with the Mother Dirt AO spray listed above, rosehip oil, then tea tree oil on dark spots or problem areas.

Night: Remove makeup with either apricot oil or sweet almond oil, wash with raw, unfiltered honey, spray Mother Dirt AO spray, then moisturize with 100% sweet almond oil and I put a drop of lavender essential oil in it. Don’t use almond oil if you have a nut allergy. You can find this at the grocery store, Walgreens/CVS, or Amazon.

Here is an interesting article about products and various oils to use.  There is also an easy homemade recipe for a brightening mask (honey, fresh squeezed lemon juice, and oregano).  Natural Face And Body Oils

I’ve also bought a few natural soaps for the shower at the store Lush (West County Mall and the Galleria). They sell fresh, handmade cosmetics.  However, beware…spending too much time in there will not help the pocket book! It’s reasonably priced but easy to get sucked in to all the products 🙂

Again, what works for my skin might not for you.  However, it’s worth looking into due to  the amount of money that can be saved and most importantly, the benefits of reducing toxins in the body.