• Strength - Which athlete do you think incorporates weightlifting in her training?  I realize different sports call for different training measures, however for our sake at CFKW, we are looking to be […]
  • Healthy Habit Challenge Starts Monday, October 15 - Our Healthy Habit Challenge starts Monday, October 15th!  We have 3 categories for goals: nutrition/exercise, cutting alcohol and tracking sleep, and maintaining a healthy mind based on the tips Julie […]
  • CFKW Nutrition/Healthy Habit Seminar and Challenge - Mark your calendars!  Sunday, October 7th from 1-2ish is our seminar around healthy habits and the kick off for our challenge.  Please sign up in MindBody (it’s a free class). […]
  • Chris Riley!! - Meet Chris Riley!   I’ve been going to Crossfit for about 2 years. Prior to starting CF, I ran and went to the gym a couple days a week to coast through […]
  • Last Saturday’s Family Event/Kid Fit - Thanks to everyone that came out for our family event this past Saturday!  It was a great morning.  Kids partnered up with a parent or trainer to tackle a fun […]
  • Next up…Chris Fox! - 3 things… *I have been doing Crossfit since November of 2017 and absolutely love it.  CFKW is full of fantastic people and it’s a great way to start the day.  […]
  • Community - Murph is an annual Memorial Weekend workout we do to recognize Lieutenant Michael Murphy. It’s a great community event!  Check out the article about Michael Murphy:   Pictures from […]
  • Next Up Is…. - Kevin Puntney!! Here’s a little about Kevin:   I have been at CrossFit Kirkwood since July of 2012.  I started to add to my regular boring workout but have never […]
  • Next Member Spotlight Is… -      Bill Perman!!!  Here’s a little info about Bill: How long have you been at Crossfit Kirkwood? I started at Crossfit Kirkwood on February 27, 2010.  Katie LeGrand hooked Deb […]
  • New Spotlight Is… -            Tom Zimmerman!!!   Check out the “before Crossfit” picture of Tom below!!     Here’s some info about Tom Zimmerman: I have been at the gym 4 1/2 Years. […]

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