Week of 7/31

Health vs. Performance Read the following sentence and think about whether you agree or disagree. The healthier I am, the better I will perform. Makes sense, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always true. Think about Lance Armstrong illegally using EPO. Maybe you don’t know the specific, but Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France an amazingContinue reading “Week of 7/31”

Week of 7/17

We are 1 week away from the start of Whole 30!! If you’re ready to clean up your diet and see some real results, get ready! If you haven’t already, ready the rules of the program. Here are the highlights: Eat meats, vegetables, some fruit, some nuts and seeds. Don’t eat grains, dairy, legumes, alcohol,Continue reading “Week of 7/17”

Programming – Week of 7/10

It happens. Just when you’re really falling into a routine of meal prep, good sleep, and exercise, you have one weekend where you go a little off the rails. And maybe the diet slips a little the next week. Before you know it, your fridge is full of leftover pizza and chinese take-out. It happensContinue reading “Programming – Week of 7/10”

The Paleo Diet – Sugar and Alcohol

This is going to be the easiest case to present. I could basically just say, “Sugar and Alcohol are bad,” and everyone would agree. The case with sugar is probably more dangerous than you think. Not only can sugar lead to weight gain, obesity, diabetes, etc, but it has also been shown to be highlyContinue reading “The Paleo Diet – Sugar and Alcohol”

The Paleo Diet – Dairy

Milk has been the recipient of some pretty amazing press. The Got Milk? campaign showed us that drinking milk could make you super athletic, like Tom Brady. Or beautiful, like Tyra Banks. Yep. That’s some pretty powerful advertising. And there are many compelling arguments. Milk is full of good fat, protein, and carbs. It isContinue reading “The Paleo Diet – Dairy”

The Paleo Diet – Grains

More and more people are flocking to the Paleo diet based on foods that were widely available the paleolithic era (about 2.6 million years ago to 10,000 years ago) as opposed to modern foods available during the neolithic era (10,000 years ago to 2,000 years ago). The idea is that our bodies evolved, over millionsContinue reading “The Paleo Diet – Grains”