Endurance Class and Scheduling Changes

You’ve seen it on the schedule. “Endurance Class” And you’re probably thinking that you just show up and run for an hour, right? Or maybe you get to row a little, too. I know that’s what I thought. BUT every week, I get a chance to see the endurance workout on the board, and itContinue reading “Endurance Class and Scheduling Changes”

Biggest Loser – Week 1 Update

Sounds like you’re all off to a great start! Here are the current standings after week 1: 1st place:  Brett with 4.8%  loss (Team Brooke) 2nd place:  Kevin Putney with 4.07 % loss. (Team Jeff) 3rd place: Al with 2.7% loss (Team Jeff) Team pounds lost: Team Jeff:  23 Team Brooke: 25.99 Several folks onContinue reading “Biggest Loser – Week 1 Update”