Full Body Detox

I attended a seminar Friday on detoxification…that is, removing toxins from the body.   There are essentially 3 categories of toxins:  environmental (auto, air, and pesticides), lifestyle (artificial food additives, alcohol, caffeine, meat-treated antibiotics, various cosmetics/body products, cleaners, etc), and endogenous toxins (originate within the body from metabolic processes like turning food into energy). PossibleContinue reading “Full Body Detox”

Takeaways From Teen Resilience and Adaptability Seminar

Friday I attended a seminar on teen resilience and adaptability.  After walking out of there, I thought EVERYONE SHOULD HEAR THIS!  Therefore, I’m working with the presenter to see if we can offer this somehow to the Kirkwood community…stay tuned. Here were my takeaways…again, just food for thought: *Teens experience a high and ongoing pressureContinue reading “Takeaways From Teen Resilience and Adaptability Seminar”