Brett Williams

Growing up, I played a bit of everything…except football and hockey because my mom wouldn’t sign the permission slip- lol (Happy Gilmore reference there). I ran track and cross country and played volleyball, basketball, baseball, golf and soccer. I played soccer in college at Missouri State. Oh I forgot, I guess I did swimming, if you can call it that. My parents made me go to swim lessons and I would cry in the pool until they finally didn’t make me go anymore. Embarrassing!

What drew me to CrossFit? I would have to say Peanut, AKA my sister. She has done it for over 7 years now. Brooke always tried to get me into it, and I constantly said I would never do it because I was sick of someone telling me what to do and how hard to work from my college soccer days. Well, after enough time, I gave in! It has changed her life in so many amazing ways. From the people to her overall fitness, it’s all awesome!!! I honestly couldn’t say “no” any longer. Plus, I couldn’t stand the fact she could beat my ass….which she still can. It’s just a great community of people. Watching everyone work so hard and seeing everyone improve is so neat. I really love being a part of it all and regret not saying “yes” years ago. Who knew my older sister actually knew what she was talking about!

Overall, I just want to say how excited and honored I am to be apart of the gym. All the people are so nice, it’s hard not to have a smile on your face everyday.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

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