Next Member Spotlight Is….

Katie Pfotenhauer!! Here’s some info about Katie:   How long have you been at Crossfit Kirkwood?   3 1/2 years. What are 3 things you’d like people to know about you? *I just recently left the corporate world to work with Brian part time at our family business, Timberline Landscapes. *I recently started an organic, clean-craftedContinue reading “Next Member Spotlight Is….”

Kids’ Fit

We are officially starting our kids’ class Tuesday, May 29th. Schedule is as follows: 4:30-5:30 Wednesday evenings 10-11 a.m. Saturdays   Here’s the description: This class is designed for kids ages 10-17. The objective of this class is to teach kids functional workout movements, engage them in teamwork and fun activities while developing an understandingContinue reading “Kids’ Fit”

Brooke’s Agenda/Moving Forward

As most of you know by now, Neil is leaving us at CFKW.  Therefore I’ll be stepping into his shoes.  I’m super excited but a little nervous.  It’s big shoes to fill!  As I begin planning for the future, I want your feedback. Below are a few items I’d like you to know about andContinue reading “Brooke’s Agenda/Moving Forward”

Updates and Athlete Spotlight

Hey Everyone! We have a few announcements about upcoming changes, so be sure to carefully read below. Friday Open Gym will be off the schedule, but trainers will periodically host a class and possibly a happy hour in the gym after. Thursday nights will feature Back to Basics! This will give us an opportunity to revisitContinue reading “Updates and Athlete Spotlight”

CrossFit Games Open – Battle of the Sexes

17.1 is in the books. Well, I guess it’s not actually in the books, yet. But I don’t think any of us will be doing that again. So, the question is, how did the Battle of the Sexes shake out? It looks like the men took Round 1 with a score of 4193 to 3610.Continue reading “CrossFit Games Open – Battle of the Sexes”

Mobility vs. Warmup

There is a big difference between mobility and warmup. That is not to say that the two are mutually exclusive, but people often confuse the timing and benefits of each. A warm up is designed to loosen joints and increase heart rate, body temperature, and blood flow to muscles. It is IMPERATIVE to warmup before workingContinue reading “Mobility vs. Warmup”

Hand Care

Calluses form to protect the skin from pressure and friction. For CrossFitters, they show up on our hands. We hold onto barbells, kettlebells, row machine handles, and pullup bars for thousands of reps on a WEEKLY basis. Our hands take quite a beating and do all they can to protect themselves. This is all well andContinue reading “Hand Care”