Yard Sale!!

Katie LeGrand is gearing up for her 4th annual yard sale! This year, 100% of the proceeds will go to Mosaic Services, a great local organization. It looks like this yard sale is a BLAST!! Check out some pics from previous year. Here are some details from Katie: Hello CF community: Spring fever?….perfect time to cleanContinue reading “Yard Sale!!”

The Simunye Project

I’ve said time and again that the best part ab out CrossFit Kirkwood is the community. Chock full of smart, funny, and compassionate folks. Well, Val has brought an awesome cause to my attention! My senior daughter, Jordin, is leaving for South Africa March 25, to do a 3 week mission project.  It is calledContinue reading “The Simunye Project”

Friday Night Fights Wrap Up

Finally got a chance to go through all of the pics from Friday Night Fights! What an awesome event!! Patrick had this whole thing running smoothly. He showed utter patience while explaining the format for the 11th time… He also made it clear that LT was in charge of the equipment weight management. “You areContinue reading “Friday Night Fights Wrap Up”

Diet Starts on Monday

Friday Night Fights First of all, I have to say that Friday Night Fights was a HUGE success!!! Tons of people came out, attacked FGB, and had all sorts of fun. Thanks to everyone for making this such an awesome event. Once I get a chance to go through all my pictures, I’ll post theContinue reading “Diet Starts on Monday”