Grip Series I: Deadlift

Grip is an incredibly important part of exercise, and a part that we sometimes overlook. Over the next few weeks, we’ll tackle some of the different movements and some variations of grips. Up first, the deadlift. Look at Riggs crushing this deadlift! Back is flat, feet are just inside hip width, and the hands areContinue reading “Grip Series I: Deadlift”

Monday’s WOD

Happy Monday, CrossFitters!┬áJust a quick video that I found entertaining this week. (I haven’t had┬átime to watch it from start to finish… yet.) Yep. 1-20 1.5 BW Deadlift BW Bench Press 0.75 BW Squat Clean Yeah. 210 reps of each. The fact that it took Jason Khalipa (this guy) an hour and a half meansContinue reading “Monday’s WOD”