Start Your Day With Salt and Lime Juice?

You’re skeptical. That’s natural. I was skeptical, too. I always am when I come across stuff like this. Because I know there is no magic elixir or short cut. There is only hard work. BUT… I also know that our bodies are incredibly complex machines – a constant flow of chemical reactions, so much soContinue reading “Start Your Day With Salt and Lime Juice?”

Dropping Some Knowledge

I came across this great article in Breaking Muscle, which is actually a summary of a few other articles. I’m not a fan of demonizing running, but the point is just that high intensity interval training (like CrossFit) is more effective for fat loss. Running, even at low intensities, can be an excellent addition toContinue reading “Dropping Some Knowledge”

Diet Starts on Monday

Friday Night Fights First of all, I have to say that Friday Night Fights was a HUGE success!!! Tons of people came out, attacked FGB, and had all sorts of fun. Thanks to everyone for making this such an awesome event. Once I get a chance to go through all my pictures, I’ll post theContinue reading “Diet Starts on Monday”