Lift Up Autism

Thanks to Sarah Kimmel for bringing this great event to our attention! From their website: WHAT IS LIFT UP AUTISM? Two years ago, on October 19, 2013 Josh Everett, TrainHeroic, and the more than 350 boxes in the CrossFit community rallied together in spectacular fashion to support the Autism community in a worldwide workout eventContinue reading “Lift Up Autism”

Noel’s Fundraiser and Memorial Day Murph

The day has finally come! After the morning classes, we will begin festivities for the Fundraiser to send Noel to Regionals! You can bid on a pie to smash in a trainer’s face or buy raffle tickets for a FREE MONTH!!! A little after noon, we will see if the trainers can take Noel inContinue reading “Noel’s Fundraiser and Memorial Day Murph”

Friday Night Fights Wrap Up

Finally got a chance to go through all of the pics from Friday Night Fights! What an awesome event!! Patrick had this whole thing running smoothly. He showed utter patience while explaining the format for the 11th time… He also made it clear that LT was in charge of the equipment weight management. “You areContinue reading “Friday Night Fights Wrap Up”

Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser!

Big news about the Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser! Patrick – Event Coordinator Extraordinaire – has put a super fun spin on this event. Here are the details: When: October 10th. Heats will start at 5:30 pm. Cost: $10 Buy-In. This class will NOT count towards your punch card or weekly visits!! Spin: Athletes will randomly beContinue reading “Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser!”