CrossFit Games Viewing Party!

What an exciting day! Noel on NBC and the beginning of the CrossFit Games! If you haven’t been following it, the CrossFit Games kicked off today with the Teen and Masters competitors. Events will last all week and finish up on Sunday. If you’re looking for a super sweet party where you can watch the finalContinue reading “CrossFit Games Viewing Party!”

Noel News

Here’s an interesting article about the cross between GRID and CrossFit.  Personally, I’m just excited to see another avenue for competitive athletes to compete. My favorite line of the article is: The likes of Cardona, Ryan Elrod, Roderick Holloway, Becca Day, Lindsay Marshall, and more will be the stars of GRID in 2015. People you haveContinue reading “Noel News”

Noel News – Part 1

There is SO much going on in the world of Noel, that I couldn’t fit it into one post! Today, we will talk about some pretty awesome Noel News. Noel is now a professional athlete!! That’s right. Last week he was drafted to the Miami Surge Grid team. He will compete for Coach Doug Chapman,Continue reading “Noel News – Part 1”

The Amazing Roderick Holloway

So, Noel has had a pretty impressive week. Last weekend, Noel was in Baltimore for the GRID Pro Day, and he CRUSHED IT! So much so that he has been made it to the next level. The GRID combine, where teams will take an even closer look at athletes to potentially draft. Many of youContinue reading “The Amazing Roderick Holloway”