Monday, Monday, Monday

Happy Monday, folks! Soooooo much to talk about! It’s been a crazy, awesome weekend! The Holiday Party was a MAJOR success!!!! It was so great to see CrossFit Kirkwoodians in their native habitat. I.e. Not dressed in gym clothes. “Brooke, did you just dye your hair?” “No, it’s always been that color.” Who’d woulda thunkContinue reading “Monday, Monday, Monday”

Holiday Party Update!!!

So, this morning, Darci decided to FINALLY let me in on the joke!! Apparently, the link I sent out for the Holiday Party Evite was for me specifically – meaning that anyone who used it RSVPed as “Neil Jones”. DOH!!! Darci thought that was hilarious. Anyway, here is the correct link. Holiday Party Evite. IfContinue reading “Holiday Party Update!!!”

Tis the Season

It seems fitting that we are in the middle of the first snow storm of the season as I type this. As if mother nature were saying, “Not to be a nag, but isn’t it about time you mention the HOLIDAY PARTY?!?!?” Yep. It is that time! Get excited for this year’s Holiday Party! AsContinue reading “Tis the Season”