Impressive Women: Melinda Brown

This week, you probably got some awesome news about our very own Melinda Brown! Besides bringing the amazing John Joe into the world, she is also a finalist in a national Character Lab grant competition: the winners get a $10,000 grant to develop their curriculum and evaluate its effectiveness. Here’s what Melinda has to say aboutContinue reading “Impressive Women: Melinda Brown”

Impressive Women – The Birthday Edition

As I was perusing Facebook, I noticed that two awesome CrossFit Kirkwoodians have birthdays this week! The incomparable Darci! (Darci always hides when I get the camera out, so I had to sneak this picture) Every Wednesday morning, I stumble into the gym at 5:27, and I down as much coffee as I can justContinue reading “Impressive Women – The Birthday Edition”

Impressive Women

I am always impressed with the women of CrossFit Kirkwood. Whether they are lifting impossible weights, rowing incredible times, or just being some of the toughest ladies around. Today, I have to highlight Rachel Donlan. She is one of the toughest competitors in the gym, she never complains, and she is always doing more thanContinue reading “Impressive Women”