Kristen’s First Lifting Meet

A few weeks ago, Kristen participated in her first ever Olympic Weightlifting meet. And… she ended up winning Best Female Lifter!! As if that isn’t enough, this week, she’s off training to jump out of helicoptors! Best of luck at training, Kristen! Your CFKW friends are behind you 100%! Click here for this week’s workouts.Continue reading “Kristen’s First Lifting Meet”

Ms. Kristen Roles

You all know Kristen. She is quiet, but thorough in her instruction. Definitely not the typical overbearing personality you see from some high level CrossFitters (Noel… kidding). But wrapped up in that quiet little package is a phenomenal CrossFitter. Last year she came in 49th in the region! She went on to help her teamContinue reading “Ms. Kristen Roles”