Mobility vs. Warmup

There is a big difference between mobility and warmup. That is not to say that the two are mutually exclusive, but people often confuse the timing and benefits of each. A warm up is designed to loosen joints and increase heart rate, body temperature, and blood flow to muscles. It is IMPERATIVE to warmup before workingContinue reading “Mobility vs. Warmup”

Mobility Monday

Welcome to another edition of Mobility Monday. Today’s target: HIPS!! We do a TON of work that taxes our hips. Cleans, snatches, deadlifts, kettlebell swings, squats, etc. Keeping you hips mobile will keep them working for you. Here’s a list of 9 yoga moves that can really help. Try them out! Also, here are theContinue reading “Mobility Monday”

Mobility Monday – Hip Mobility

Hey gang! Today, we address the upright torso position as it relates to the squat. When we have weight overhead or in the front rack position, an upright torso allows us to maintain balance. However, this becomes very demanding on our ankles, hips, and back. Here is a great mobility wod to help us find weaknessContinue reading “Mobility Monday – Hip Mobility”

Mobility Monday – Knees Caving In

Sometimes, I will look at an athlete and think, “That athlete’s feet are caving in when they squat.” No big deal. I tell them what is going on, and they try to correct it. Or maybe their knees aren’t staying out during box jumps or squats. Same thing. I cue, they correct. But maybe weContinue reading “Mobility Monday – Knees Caving In”

Mobility Monday – T-Spine

The thoracic spine consists of the vertebrae between the cervical spine and lumbar spine. Basically, the middle to upper back. In the world of cell phones and cube farms, our T-spines are really taking a beating. Rather than maintaining a nice upright posture, we end up with a rounded upper back that can eventually leadContinue reading “Mobility Monday – T-Spine”