CFKW News!!

Happy Monday, folks!!! Correction – Happy first Monday of the year!!! Call my crazy, but I think there is something special about Mondays. When people say, “Diet starts on Monday,” I tend to believe they mean it. And the first Monday of the year?!?! Fuggedaboutit! New year. New Monday. New perspective. New goals. New… allContinue reading “CFKW News!!”

Happy New Year!!!

I have to admit – the new year kind of snuck up on me. I feel totally unprepared. I’ve heard talk of a group doing Whole 30 – that piques my interest. I’m vaguely interested in making some fitness-based New Year’s resolutions. Squat more than Noel. Overhead squat better than Brett. Oh. I guess IContinue reading “Happy New Year!!!”