Nutrition Challenge

Well, we ran into some scheduling difficulties during this challenge, but I know many of you had great success. Personally, I had a very successful month. My weight and measurements are down slightly, but I’ve seen real¬†improvement in strength (which is pretty awesome for a strength athlete). If you want to get your final measurements,Continue reading “Nutrition Challenge”

Ms. Kristen Roles

You all know Kristen. She is quiet, but thorough in her instruction. Definitely not the typical overbearing personality you see from some high level CrossFitters (Noel… kidding). But wrapped up in that quiet little package is a phenomenal CrossFitter. Last year she came in 49th in the region! She went on to help her teamContinue reading “Ms. Kristen Roles”

Start Your Day With Salt and Lime Juice?

You’re skeptical. That’s natural. I was skeptical, too. I always am when I come across stuff like this. Because I know there is no magic elixir or short cut. There is only hard work. BUT… I also know that our bodies are incredibly complex machines – a constant flow of chemical reactions, so much soContinue reading “Start Your Day With Salt and Lime Juice?”

The New Thoughts on Cholesterol

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this article. Not because it is so incredibly ground breaking. If you are a Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, or Whole 9 follower (not to mention any of a hundred other paleo/primal/ancestral diet writers), this is nothing new for you. But for a government organization toContinue reading “The New Thoughts on Cholesterol”

The Next Nutrition Challenge

It happens to the best of us. You’re working out hard. Sleeping a ton. Taking your fish oil. Recovering at yoga. And making smart food decisions… for the most part. I mean, that tiny bowl of ice cream doesn’t really matter, right? It’s only once a week. Ok, maybe it’s a few times a week.Continue reading “The Next Nutrition Challenge”