Saturday’s WOD and Paleo Challenge

Looks like a bunch of people are signed up for the Paleo Challenge!!! If you haven’t signed up yet, DO IT NOW!!! The challenge starts Monday, and I can guarantee it will be the BEST way to get your nutrition dialed in. Whether you want to lose some weight or just feel better, doing itContinue reading “Saturday’s WOD and Paleo Challenge”

Paleo Challenge!!

Yep. You asked for it!! Time for a good, old-fashioned PALEO CHALLENGE!!!! Check out the deets from LT: I will be available to meet at 2:00 PM on Saturday at the gym to run through the details and start everyone on their measurements. If you can’t make it then, you can come to Sunday Endurance ClassContinue reading “Paleo Challenge!!”

The New Thoughts on Cholesterol

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this article. Not because it is so incredibly ground breaking. If you are a Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, or Whole 9 follower (not to mention any of a hundred other paleo/primal/ancestral diet writers), this is nothing new for you. But for a government organization toContinue reading “The New Thoughts on Cholesterol”

Martha’s Whole 30 Wrap Up

As more and more people finish their Whole 30, I’ve been asking how things went. I LOVE the awesome results that Sarah got!! Pretty typical for someone’s first time doing Whole 30. However, I know that the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Whole 30 aren’t always as exciting. What is important is that you use itContinue reading “Martha’s Whole 30 Wrap Up”

Paleo on a Budget

I’ve been hearing some great feedback from people on Whole 30! Sounds like you guys are working hard in the kitchen and maintaining impressive will power. Keep it up!! One of the most common things I hear about the Paleo diet is that it is expensive. And, there is a valid point there. Eating highContinue reading “Paleo on a Budget”

How is Whole 30 Going?

Just wanted to check in and hear how Whole 30 is going! I’ve asked people around the gym, and it sounds like everyone is doing really well. If you get a minute, send me a quick note about how you look and feel. Would love to hear from you guys! While you’re drafting your essayContinue reading “How is Whole 30 Going?”

Why You Should Do Whole 30

So, you’re on the fence about this Whole 30 thing. Totally understandable. So, I’m here to tell you why you should do it. Start by reading this. It gives you an outline of what Whole 30 is and it gives some very good reasons for trying it. Basically, Whole 30 is 30 days of eatingContinue reading “Why You Should Do Whole 30”

Paleo Challenge Prep and Friday Night Fights!

Well, we are one week out from the start of our Whole 30 Challenge! Stay tuned this week for tips, tricks, and exciting news about the challenge. But today, it’s time to start preparing! Check out this article about preparing for your Whole 30. Number 1 on the list is: 1. Get rid of the junk.Continue reading “Paleo Challenge Prep and Friday Night Fights!”