What an AWESOME weekend of Regionals action!!!! Noel put together an AMAZING weekend of performances, finishing 16th out of 40. The competition was STEEP as he faced off against the likes of Scott Panchik, Graham Holmberg, Sam Dancer, Alex Nettey, and a ton of other amazing competitors. I definitely felt a swell of pride hearingContinue reading “Regionals!”

Noel News – Part 2

So, what could be more exciting than Noel being drafted to the Grid League? Well, don’t forget that Noel is going to Regionals! And to send him off, we will have the best, most exciting, super-duper extra fun FUNDRAISER!! On May 16th, we will hang out after the morning classes to raise money for Noel’sContinue reading “Noel News – Part 2”

Coach Roderick Noel Holloway

Here is a great post from Meg!!! Hey, hey! Our favorite Fatty (Coach Roderick Noel Holloway…and, yes, he’ll answer to any of those proper nouns.  Take your pick:  Fatty.  Roderick.  Noel.  Holloway.  Not to confuse anyone, but it’s totally true). Anyhooo- Noel has made significant gains as of late with his competitive CrossFit training, andContinue reading “Coach Roderick Noel Holloway”