Halloween Race!

We are doing an AWESOME job on the September Running Challenge!!! It looks like are regular runners are logging some serious miles, and some folks are using this as an opportunity to get back into running. Our top three runners are Jen P with 53.5 miles, Robbie with 45 miles, and Shana R at 38.5.Continue reading “Halloween Race!”

Week of 9/5 and Running Update

Hope you guys had a great holiday weekend! I’m sure you all enjoyed today’s surprise workout. Quick update, we started off the running challenge with 115 miles already logged! Keep up the good work, gang! Quick note that open gym will be starting a little late tomorrow night. Gym doors will open by 5. ClickContinue reading “Week of 9/5 and Running Update”

September Challenge

Back in 1996, I was an incoming freshman at Saint Louis University High School. I grew up in Oakville and went to a private grade school. That’s not really important, except that it means I had access to baseball, basketball, soccer, and volleyball. As an incoming freshman, I really wanted to try football. So, IContinue reading “September Challenge”