USA Weightlifting in St. Louis

This weekend, some of the best lifters in the country will be in St. Louis to compete in the first ever Regional event! This shows how much the sport of weightlifting has grown, and will be a great chance to see some top notch lifting. If you’d like to check it out, see this linkContinue reading “USA Weightlifting in St. Louis”

Monday, Monday, Monday

Happy Monday, folks! Soooooo much to talk about! It’s been a crazy, awesome weekend! The Holiday Party was a MAJOR success!!!! It was so great to see CrossFit Kirkwoodians in their native habitat. I.e. Not dressed in gym clothes. “Brooke, did you just dye your hair?” “No, it’s always been that color.” Who’d woulda thunkContinue reading “Monday, Monday, Monday”

Should I Wear A Belt

Most of you probably know that I had a major back surgery about 10 years ago. I had a disc that ruptured and was protruding, causing me pain, and eventually loss of sensation in my leg. It was no fun. Consequently, I have always been VERY wary about lifting heavy weights. That’s why I valueContinue reading “Should I Wear A Belt”