Helping Children Reduce Anxiety and Stress at Home and School After watching the webinar I posted about last week around anxiety in kids, I wanted to encourage you again to listen to it.   This is something anyone who has interaction with children should listen to (hey…it might even work on your significant other haha).  But in all seriousness, the world we live in isContinue reading “Helping Children Reduce Anxiety and Stress at Home and School”

Next Pillar of Health…Social Connections

Social connections are another important pillar in our well being. They provide us with increased feelings of belonging and purpose, increased levels of happiness, reduced levels of stress, and improved self-worth/confidence. *Lacking meaningful relationships with others is as harmful as smoking.  Humans evolved in tight knit social groups. *Interacting with people stimulates certain centers ofContinue reading “Next Pillar of Health…Social Connections”