Week of 7/17

We are 1 week away from the start of Whole 30!! If you’re ready to clean up your diet and see some real results, get ready! If you haven’t already, ready the rules of the program. Here are the highlights: Eat meats, vegetables, some fruit, some nuts and seeds. Don’t eat grains, dairy, legumes, alcohol,Continue reading “Week of 7/17”

Programming – Week of 7/10

It happens. Just when you’re really falling into a routine of meal prep, good sleep, and exercise, you have one weekend where you go a little off the rails. And maybe the diet slips a little the next week. Before you know it, your fridge is full of leftover pizza and chinese take-out. It happensContinue reading “Programming – Week of 7/10”

More Whole 30 Wrapups!

On Wednesday, I got this great picture from Lynn! This group did Whole 30 together and finished just before Thanksgiving. To celebrate, they did The Dirty 30 workout and shared some not-so-Whole 30 beverages. Looking good, ladies!! And this from Amanda: Moment to brag. Greg Otto and I have officially completed our first Whole30 challenge withContinue reading “More Whole 30 Wrapups!”

Martha’s Whole 30 Wrap Up

As more and more people finish their Whole 30, I’ve been asking how things went. I LOVE the awesome results that Sarah got!! Pretty typical for someone’s first time doing Whole 30. However, I know that the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Whole 30 aren’t always as exciting. What is important is that you use itContinue reading “Martha’s Whole 30 Wrap Up”

Sarah’s Whole 30 Wrapup

Most of you know Sarah Waring. She isn’t the loudest person in the gym, but she works her butt off!! Here, she’s sandwiched between Brooke and Rachel. When we started talking about Whole 30, she decided to take the plunge. Thirty days later, she is looking GREAT!!! Based on her write up, she is alsoContinue reading “Sarah’s Whole 30 Wrapup”

Paleo on a Budget

I’ve been hearing some great feedback from people on Whole 30! Sounds like you guys are working hard in the kitchen and maintaining impressive will power. Keep it up!! One of the most common things I hear about the Paleo diet is that it is expensive. And, there is a valid point there. Eating highContinue reading “Paleo on a Budget”

How is Whole 30 Going?

Just wanted to check in and hear how Whole 30 is going! I’ve asked people around the gym, and it sounds like everyone is doing really well. If you get a minute, send me a quick note about how you look and feel. Would love to hear from you guys! While you’re drafting your essayContinue reading “How is Whole 30 Going?”

Whole 30 and Another Squat Test

Looks like a BUNCH of people have signed up to tackle Whole 30!!! A few people are delaying their start, setting themselves up for success. So… please feel free to sign up, if you haven’t! One of the most challenging parts of Whole 30 is breakfast. Some people get to the point of, “If IContinue reading “Whole 30 and Another Squat Test”