CrossFit Class Description


 What does a CrossFit class look like? All CrossFit classes are trainer led and begin with a warm up which includes getting the body ready for movement as well as practicing skills that are in that day’s programming. Following the warm up is strength and accessory work (this could be a lift, gymnastic work, or various accessory exercises). We then move into the WOD (workout of the day). This is the conditioning part of class where you’ll get the heart rate pumping.

So why CrossFit? This is a fantastic way to build strength as well as conditioning. You get the most bang for your buck in an hour’s time. No “just leg day,” no “just cardio.” You will get a little bit of everything in each class.

Can I get hurt doing CrossFit? Well, you can get hurt walking out to get the mail if you’re not paying attention. In all seriousness, it’s about working the form before adding weight, knowing your personal limitations (injuries, how you’re feeling that day), listening to your body, and consistency. We are here to help you move well, modify, determine weights, and push you when you need it.

What is open Gym? This is a time for you to choose your own workout. This could be working on a lift, choosing a WOD from earlier in the week, doing a partner WOD with a buddy, or practicing a skill that you struggle with. A trainer still is there for guidance but you get to choose your journey that day.