Class Descriptions


CrossFit Class

A typical CFKW class includes a warm up to get your entire body engaged, practice time for previously learned skills and/or introduction of new skills, and then a WOD (workout of the day) with a stretching session at the end. All WOD’s are scaled and modified to each athlete’s level and performed at the highest intensity that the individual can sustain with proper form and technique. Classes typically last 1 hour to an hour and 15 minutes.



Introductory Classes

Before jumping into a regular CrossFit class, we require that all new athletes attend five introductory classes. These classes are designed to teach you the fundamental movements of CrossFit. Participants will learn to move in a safe and efficient way. Introductory Classes can be completed in 1-on-1 sessions or classes of 3 or more. Contact for more information.




gymnasticsGymnastics Skills

From the basic beginner to the highly advanced athlete, our gymnastics skills class will meet you where you’re currently performing and carry you to the next level!

By developing more body awareness and working through leveled progressions with movements such as pull ups, push ups, dips, handstands, HSPU, handstand walks, muscle ups, TTB, and L holds, your efficiency with bodyweight movements will skyrocket.

Each class will include a targeted warm up, skill focus on at least 2 CrossFit gymnastics elements (each with leveled progressions) and finish with stretching at the end.  You’ll receive stellar instruction from our gymnastics coaches- beyond compare!

Group RunningEndurance

CrossFit Endurance Philosophy: You are a CrossFitter first. You are a CrossFit Endurance athlete second.

CF becomes your base of fitness, and spending time in the anaerobic zone as well as building strength will positively make you a stronger runner, biker, and/or swimmer.

These interval classes incorporate targeted mobility work at the onset, skills to develop the core and posterior chain, endurance intervals and then stretching/additional mobility work at the end.

CFE classes offer the perfect layer upon your CF base!


Competitors’ Class

With the continuing development of Crossfit and the appeal of competitions both small and large we are excited to offer you Crossfit Kirkwood’s version of a Competitors’ course. These classes will give each athlete the opportunity to address areas of weakness and provide the time to develop more technical skills such as muscle ups or butterfly pull-ups. The workouts we program will push the limits of your fitness and test your proficiency in all things Crossfit by requiring you to move heavier loads for multiple reps and complete more technically challenging movements while tired. This course will work as a great compliment to our regular Crossfit classes as well as Oly lifting by helping to further develop and provide a stress test to your technique and ability. As always any of the workouts we program can be scaled to your individual needs, but promise to push the limits of your fitness even further.

dan snatchOlympic Weightlifting

The snatch and clean and jerk are the most complex movements in CrossFit. The Olympic Weightlifting class is devoted to improving your form and efficiency in these lifts. Classes consist of a general warmup and any combination of snatch, clean, jerk, squat, or deadlift work.




Carrie yogaYoga

This Yoga class is designed to help bring bodies and minds back into balance, which will support recovery from strenuous CrossFit workouts.  In this Vinyasa style class, we will focus on breathing techniques, linking the breath with movement, building heat from the inside out while exploring Sun Salutations and postures that cultivate balance, strength, flexibility and endurance.  Through creative and safe sequencing, with keen attention to proper alignment, we will work to deepen mobility and range of motion, breathe efficiently, lengthen and strengthen muscles and develop a heightened sense of body awareness.  This class is suitable for everybody!  Modifications and props will be utilized so everyone can reap the wonderful benefits that this fun and challenging Yoga class has to offer!!

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