Brooke Williams

BrookeBrooke Williams packs a lot of power in a tiny package! Her strength-to-bodyweight ratio is phenomenal, and she’s incredibly fast to boot! Brooke is not only knowledgeable, incredibly kind, and encouraging, but she’s a teacher, so multi-tasking, taking in new information and assimilating/applying what she has learned come second nature. She’s passionate and a natural athlete, and we’re fortunate she landed with us at CFKW!

She has one son, Blake, who is her pride and joy, and she has taught elementary school for 11 years (currently teaches 4th grade in Kirkwood).

She ran track and cross country in high school and continued running and lifting weights on her own until she found CrossFit. Her cousin (who is in the military) told her about it, and she decided to give it a try to spice up her workout routine. She has been hooked ever since!

B.A.- UMSL- Elementary Education

M.A.T.- Webster University

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification

CPR and AED Certification

Attended Carl Paoli’s Freestyle Connection Gymnastics Movement Seminar

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