Laura Terry

LTWho doesn’t just LOVE Little Laura Terry?! Spunky, smart, and sincerely interested in and encouraging of those around her! A true athlete at heart! She’s one who internalizes all that she learns and clearly communicates and demonstrates (with stellar form, we might add!) movements and corrections as needed. You always find her with a sparkly smile (or laugh!) A real keeper- one of the warmest gals around!

Married to Jason (TFG), they have two handsome sons: Cooper (spitting image of Jason), and Owen (spitting image of Laura). She has worked for PAREXEL International as a manager of Global Research Operations for 12 years where she conducts clinical research trials for various pharmaceutical companies.

She grew up playing any and all team sports she could find and then narrowed her focus to soccer for high school and college. Laura still plays indoor and outdoor soccer in an adult league a couple of times a week. In addition, she has run a handful of half marathons and worked out in a gym with weights for years.

Jason and Laura had been looking for other workout options when they separately heard about CrossFit through some friends. Unknowingly, they each signed up for the same intro session at CFKW. “That intro WOD had me sweating more than I had in a gym in months; I was hooked early. Since then I have really enjoyed setting new goals, constantly challenging myself, seeing improvement, and getting to know all the people in the CrossFit Kirkwood community.”

BS Environmental Science from University of Evansville

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Endurance Certification

CPR and AED Certification

Attended The Outlaw Way Training Camp

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