Patrick Donlan

PatrickPatrick Donlan. Where shall we begin? With all things St. Patty-related, think BIG:

BIG personality, BIG presence, BIG sense of humor, BIG learner. He’s self assured and so comfortable in his own skin! Not one to hesitate- he’s quick to notice what needs to be done, notice who needs help, and notice when to step in to offer a different cue or strategy. He has got one keen sense of humor to boot- a definite perk to having St. Patty on the team! In addition, with his self-effacing nature, he welcomes any and all learning opportunities that come his way! An all-around GREAT guy!

Patrick married his lovely wife, Rachel, in 2009, and the rest of his fam is back in Boston.

He serves as the Regional Vice President for Forethought Financial and heads the variable annuity sales to all financial firms in Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois.

As far as his athletic background, Patrick played both hockey and lacrosse in high school. He played hockey at the University of Connecticut for two seasons before transferring to the University of Massachusetts-Boston where he played two more seasons. In his senior year, Patrick also played lacrosse. He majored in Political Science while at Uconn and Umass-Boston.

BS in Political Science (almost complete!)

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Attended The Outlaw Way Training Camp

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